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  • Does GC Flower Market offer floral arrangements or bouquets?
    We are a wholesale flower market, focused on providing fresh and dried cut flowers and foliage by the bunch at great prices, and therefore don't currently offer the typical floral arrangements or bouquets that you may find at your local florist.
  • Who can shop at GC Flower Market?
    GC Flower Market caters to florists, stylists, wedding and event planners, business needs and the general public looking for high quality blooms. Basically, anyone needing to buy bulk amounts of cut flowers and foliage at a great price. Get inspiration from our social media pages or by visiting our warehouse. We welcome you to visit our warehouse during the opening hours of Monday to Friday, 5.30-10.30am.
  • Where does GC Flower Market get their flowers from?
    We work with a number of farmers and distributors around the country, to source a large range of flowers and foliage. Buying our flowers direct from local growers and importers on a weekly basis, ensures our customers always receive fresh and long-lasting blooms. While there are some really beautiful imported flower varieties, we are committed to supporting Australian farmers, growers and businesses and pride ourselves on our dedication to quality, offering local varieties as substitutes for imported favourites wherever possible.
  • What flowers are available?
    The flowers and foliage available at GC Flower Market change frequently due to seasonality, availability and popularity. If you're searching for a specific variety or product, or are unsure of whether it's in season, please email us and we’ll do our best to source this for you or answer any questions you may have. Email
  • What's the best way to place an order for collection?
    If you are looking for specific flowers for an event or special occasion, we highly recommend placing an order in advance. We ask for 3 weeks' notice for all special orders, so that we have the best chance of securing the varieties and/or colours you require, but are still happy to help however we can with last minute orders. We will always do our very best to secure what you are after, however we cannot guarantee the availability of any flower varieties or colours (even if an order is placed in advance), due to many unforeseen circumstances such as freight disruptions, weather events or change in season etc. To place an order, you can send an email to or complete the online form via this link Please include what flower varieties you are after, the quantity of each, colours and date of collection. For roses, please include a stem count as bunch sizes can differ between growers. It's always a good idea to include some possible substitutes you'd be happy with, in case any varieties are not available. Feel free to send us a couple of reference photos (via email) if you have any too, as this can help our staff when selecting colours and other substitutes. Retail customers - if you're unsure of what is in season, you are always welcome to pop into the warehouse a few weeks earlier to check out what is available. The date of collection for your order is always personal preference, however we recommend 1-2 days prior to the date of your event to allow time for processing, arranging and for some of the flowers to open properly.
  • Does GC Flower Market deliver?
    We don’t currently offer a delivery service, however it is something we will be looking to provide in the future.
  • How do I become a wholesale customer of GC Flower Market?
    If you are an ABN holder of a floristry related business, you can apply to become a wholesale customer of GC Flower Market, giving you access to wholesale prices and weekly email updated. Click here to complete the application form.
  • Is GC Flower Market open on weekends?
    No. We are open Monday to Friday, from 5.30am until 10.30am. We may occasionally be open for additional hours or days in the lead up to special events such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. We will always communicate any relevant changes or updates via social media, and via email to our wholesale customers.
  • Where can I find pricing information?
    Our pricing and availability list is sent out to our wholesale customers each weekend via email. For retail customers, we have a QR code in the warehouse that can be scanned for a price guide as well. Please note all pricing is subject to change at any time.
  • How do I best take care of my flowers?
    For anyone not purchasing flowers for a professional event or wedding, we recommend following the below simple steps, to ensure your flowers stay fresh and happy, for as long as possible. Most importantly - always keep the water fresh & clean! Cut or trim the stems diagonally by removing 2-5cm with a sharp & clean knife or secateurs. You should recut the stems each time you replace the water. Add flower food to the water for a longer vase life, an increase of up to 60% compared to water alone. Tip - if you forgot to purchase or don’t have access to flower food, there are some great DIY recipes online using common household products such as sugar, lemon juice & bleach. Make sure there are no leaves hanging in the water. Keep the flowers cool, if possible, & out of direct sunlight.
  • Why are the flowers in plastic sleeves?
    Plastic sleeves are used by farmers and growers to cover plants and flowers to help retain moisture, humidity levels, and even capture what the plants produce by transpiration. We understand that they are not the most environmentally-friendly solution however, we are eagerly awaiting the results from the universities and researchers currently working to find materials and alternatives to plastic.
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